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Student Parking

Student Parking Guidelines

  1. The school is not responsible for any theft of, damage or vandalism to a vehicle while on school property. A student parks at her own risk and parents hereby agree that the use of the parking lot is at the students and parents' own risk.
  1. Drivers must exercise caution at all times. Show courtesy to pedestrians at all times.
  1. Student parking is permitted in spaces designated by the principal. 
  1. Parking in the front of the school is prohibited. Student parking is located at the rear of the Sports complex.  

To obtain a parking permission

  1. The students must meet the Deputy Principal  
  1. Inform the Deputy Principal of the make and model, colour of car and the registration of the car.  
  1. Sign an agreement. 

Once parking permission is obtained the following daily procedures must be followed:

  1. Students cannot sit in cars during the school day or at lunch times.  
  1. Students are not allowed to leave school campus during the day in their car. 
  1. If students have appointments and wish to leave school, then parents should complete the absence note on iclasscms app or a note in the students' journal. Parents will be contacted to confirm validity of the note.  
  1. Students are not permitted to take other students in their car to school matches/events where a bus has been provided by the school.  
  1. Drivers may not carry any other students in their car without the express written permission of the passengers' parent/ guardian.  

The Principal/Board of Management has the right to revoke parking permission should drivers not abide by the conditions outlined above.  

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