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Student Council

Student Council

A new Student Council is elected each year. Nominations are taken from each class and then an election is held to elect Council members.

Student Council 2023

The Student Council in the Presentation Thurles aims to make sure student voices are heard and acknowledged in the decisions that are made within the school. We are a representative structure for students, so that ALL students can become involved in affairs of the school. We work in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school.

This past year we have endeavoured to work with other student bodies such as the Green Schools Committee and the Wellbeing Committee. Earlier this year the council worked in conjunction with the wellbeing committee to have a wellbeing week, where there were many different events throughout the week to promote wellbeing throughout our school.

The purpose of our Student Council is to empower and enable students to make a change. In doing this our students on the council have developed skills such as confidence and assertiveness along with taking ownership and responsibility of issues affecting our school. An example of this is a review of the Anti-Bullying charter to make it more user friendly.

Thank you to all the girls who represented the school so well to date this year. All your work and energy is much appreciated. Thank you also to Ms. King who works very closely with our Student Council.

A new Council will be elected for the 2023 – 2024 academic year.

Aug 26
school planning day
Aug 27
1st and 6th years return to school
Aug 28
3rd, 5th and LCA return to school
Aug 29
TY, Dunchaoin students return to school
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