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Boarders - Holistic Student Care

Boarders - Holistic Student Care

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  • There are three study halls: one for 6th Years; one for 5th and 3rd Years; and one for TYs, 1st and 2nd Years. There is supervised study in each study hall every evening.
  • A homework club is in place for the 1st Years.
  • Group Maths tutorials are provided for 3rd, 5th and 6th Years.
  • Computers and broadband are available for study.
  • Music rooms are available for music practice.

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Educational Extras Provided

An after school educational programme is in place for the Transition Years: youth leadership course given by Toastmasters; book club; camera club; health and beauty workshop; oral Irish, French and German; cookery for college; personal development; interview skills; fitness, knitting/crochet club and dancing (ballroom, céilí, zumba, etc).


Social and Leadership

  • A Students’ Council is in place, with members elected by each year group.
  • TY students are encouraged to help a junior student who may be struggling at a subject.
  • A buddy system is in place where a Leaving Cert girl has a special care of a 1st Year.
  • Conversation sessions between Irish and overseas students are organised so that both benefit from the others’ language and culture.
  • Mobile phones are strictly forbidden at meal times. Conversation and table fellowship are encouraged and good table manners are fostered.


Spiritual Development

  • Boarders attend 8 a.m. Mass in the Cathedral once a week.
  • Leaving Cert students read at Mass in the Cathedral.
  • Boarders assemble for Night Prayers before going to dorms each night.
  • Grace before/after meals said together.
  • There are opportunities for quiet prayer in the Convent Prayer Room for Leaving Certs once a week after study and occasionally for 1st Years and other year groups.
  • Students who are recently bereaved or those with sick relatives or other family worries like to come to the Convent Prayer Room.
  • Prayer services are held in the Convent Chapel for all the boarders around Presentation Day, Advent, Holy Week, before exams and at other special times as they occur.

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Physical Development and Health & Safety

  • All boarders must participate in after-school sports.
  • There is a strict limit on the use of mobile phones.
  • Dormitories are total electronic-free zones.
  • Lights are out at 10.00 p.m. for juniors and at 10.15 p.m. for seniors, after which silence is maintained so that all can have a good night’s sleep.
  • Night supervisors are on duty through the night.
  • Good nourishing meals are provided by an amazing cook and kitchen team.
  • A nurse comes in every day to look after sick boarders. She also administers medication and maintains a well-equipped sick bay. A medication policy is in place.
  • Fire drills are undertaken regularly.
  • A night security man is on duty for some hours at night.

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