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TY's Take on Driving!

TY's Take on Driving!

On Friday the 30th of April and Wednesday the 5th of May, all four TY classes had the chance to get behind the wheel. The girls spent the day putting valuable life skills into practice including changing tyres as well as learning one-by-one the basics of driving around the hockey pitch, all with the help of the Irish Driving School of Excellence.

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The days also included fun activities while wearing "beer goggles", which revealed to the girls how difficult everyday activities are while under the influence of alcohol.


Not forgetting the theoretical side of using the road, half of the day was spent brushing up on the rules of the road, through practice theory tests, as well as the knowledge of how to get an insurance quote, which will undoubtedly be useful in the future.

To conclude, the day was remarkably beneficial for each girl and the skills learned will most certainly be of use in the years to come. A huge thanks to the Irish Board of Driving Excellence for working with each girl, to develop these necessary skills.

Written by Cleo Mina-Ronayne (TY: N. Peadar)

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