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TY Law Ed Workshop

Our TYs took part in an online Law Ed workshop, last Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th of January.
TY Law Ed Workshop

Last Thursday and Friday, the TY group had the amazing opportunity of participating in an online Law Ed workshop, from the comfort of their own homes.

The workshop was run by Kate Fleming of Law Ed, and unfortunately due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions and the closing of schools, the workshop was unable to take place in school, where it is normally held. However these restrictions have not stopped our TYs from broadening their minds and learning, through online classes as well as workshops just like this one. The workshop allowed the girls to expand their knowledge in terms of the law and how it effects them directly, whilst also giving a new perspective about the way in which the law system works in Ireland. The girls found the experience most interesting, as Kate gave examples of different cases that have taken place around the country, which in turn gave clarity to girls who may have been thinking down the route of law, career wise. The workshop gave food for thought to many more also, as it may have sparked an interest in some, who beforehand would not have considered law as a general route for them.

Although not everyone is not interested in law, Kate pointed out that the law affects every single one of us, on a daily basis. She outlined the different offences as well as the court systems, and jobs within the legal sector. This gave the girls a great insight into the world of law in Ireland as a whole. Thank you to Kate Fleming of LawEd for taking the time to run the workshop!

All in all, the workshop gave clarity to many, as well as valuable information needed for the future, to all, and the girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience!!!

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