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TY Killary Trip

TY Killary Trip

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On Thursday the 16th of September 2021, two buses of excited TYs set off from the school Killary bound. After a long tiring journey, we arrived in Killary Adventure Centre. The atmosphere was electric and everyone was ecstatic to finally arrive. We eagerly went straight to our activities. Some started with a thrilling but very mucky bog run. Shoes were lost, students got stuck but laughter was shared by all. Others participated in a daring high rope challenge, some groups enjoyed water activities such as kayaking. After a while we all returned to the centre, exhausted but happy. We ate a delicious dinner which was followed by our evening activities. We played games such as dodgeball and bonded as a year group. The following day we were up bright and early ready for another day of fun. The groups were separated and everyone went to their activities. Some went through the grueling gorge walk as seen on Ireland's Fittest Family, others faced the terrifying climb on the climbing tower. Different groups braved the gravity defying trapeze. We returned to a filling tasty lunch to replenish our energy. Following lunch, we took the plunge in a nerve-wrecking cliff jump and others faced their fears on the giant swing. After an exciting second day of activities we had a quick dinner before heading to a bonfire. Many a sing song and a laugh was had. We all went to bed sleepy but content. On our last morning we woke up with heavy hearts, disappointed we were leaving. After our final activity we piled back onto the buses and set course for Thurles. Many memories and new friendships were made. It certainly was a trip we will never forget.

By: Kate O'Hora

(TYPR Team)

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