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Day Trip to Dunmore East Adventure Centre

The TY students went on an amazing outing to Dunmore East Adventure Centre, Co.Waterford on Monday 14th September 2020.
Day Trip to Dunmore East Adventure Centre

On Monday the 14th of September, the Transition Year students travelled to Dunmore East Adventure Centre, Co.Waterford, alongside a number of teachers.

We had an early start with the bus leaving the school at 7.15 a.m. The day consisted of many enjoyable and exhilarating activities, including an inflatable obstacle course on water, orienteering, kayaking and paddle boarding. In line with the restrictions, we were split into two groups, one of which began with the orienteering, and the other with the water sports. The weather was certainly on our side throughout the day, as we walked through the vibrant and homey town, the sun beaming down onto our faces.

The orienteering route given to us was organised by the Irish Orienteering Society, and led us through the town, along the coast and onto the narrow paths of the forest. Whilst it being extremely pleasant to get a tour of the charming town, it also allowed us to expand our range of skills. Following the map was no easy task!

Later on in the day, the groups switched, in order to allow everyone to have a go at everything. The group that did orienteering, were then changing into wetsuits and buckling up life jackets and helmets. The atmosphere started to build as the group that was in the water earlier, came back with rave reviews. It was time, and as we got in the water, you couldn't help but shudder with the cold. The salty water certainly woke us up as we heard the splashing and screaming of a pair of girls that had capsized. However, it wasn't long until we got the hang of it and were kayaking away, at a steady pace. The tranquility did not last long though, as we started jumping off of the rocks, three metres high, and into the bitter cold water. The adrenaline rush that every girl felt was visible on their faces, as a queue started to form.

The fun wasn't over just yet! We moved onto the inflatable assault course on the water, straight after the kayaking and there was no better feeling than to stretch our legs whilst running along the inflatable. There was no shortage of girls falling into the water whilst participating in this either! The adrenaline continued to rush as we slid down slides, jumped across obstacles and ran from one end of the course to the other, being cautious that your friend behind you might push you in.

As the day began to end, our energy levels began to drop. All the excitement of the activities had left us exhausted, leaving the bus silent on the way home.

In conclusion, the day turned out to be a memorable and beyond enjoyable start to Transition Year!

A big thank you to Ms. Glascott (our TY coordinator) and to the teachers that travelled with us!



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