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What if ?

I am absent  

 Have your parent or guardian complete and absolute no on the school app or bring a written note in your journal.  

 I am late for school 

 Sign in the secretary's office as soon as you arrive in the building and get to class as soon as possible. Ask the teacher to mark you in as late on the roll.  

 I need to leave school early 

Have your parent or guardian complete a permission note in the iclass app stating the time of departure and the time you are due back.  

If you have a written permission note, you must show it to the Principal/ Deputy Principal before 8.50 am. The appointment is entered on VSware so your teacher is aware.  Sign out in the secretary’s office.

Students cannot leave unless a note has been entered on vsware. Otherwise, it is deemed to be mitching and a detention will be sanctioned.

 I cannot find my class 

 Ask the school secretary or deputy principal.  

 I have not got my correct uniform  

 Meet Deputy Principal before 8.40am.  

Students will be given uniform to wear. Any student not in correct uniform/ school shoes/ school jacket will be given a lunch time detention on that day.  

 I feel sick  

 Go to the secretary’s office or Deputy Principal. They will contact home.  

 Something upsetting happened at home 

Ask a parent/guardian to contact the school 

I know a student is being treated badly  

Tell a teacher/ yearhead/ Deputy/ Principal or ask a parent/guardian to contact the school 

I cannot see the board properly 

Meet your teacher before or after class. tell your teacher you cannot see the board. ask if you can move nearer the front of the class. the teacher will assign you your new seat.  

I lost something 

Is your name on it ?  

Look in all the classes in your block. Report it to the deputy principal/ principal. if you left something in the sports complex, please meet Martin.  

I can’t do PE today  

Bring a note in from your parent/ guardian and show it to the PE teacher.  

I can't turn up for school activity 

Inform the teacher in charge. Ask your parent/ guardian to inform the school office to talk with the organising teacher. Please let the teacher know well in advance.  

I forgot my locker key 

Meet the deputy principal or Donal to get your lock cut off your locker.  

Ask the secretary to contact your Parent/guardian for your spare key.  

I forgot the combination code for my locker 

Meet the Deputy Principal 

I want to change levels in a subject 

Meet your teacher and discuss it. Meet the deputy principal and get a form that your parent/ guardian must sign.  

I would like an appointment with the guidance counsellor 

Speak with your year head or deputy principal. Ask a parent/ guardian to contact principal/ deputy principal.  

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

Good attendance at Presentation Secondary school means……

Being in school every day, in every class, ready to learn.


Days Absent

Weeks absent

Classes missed





94 %








  • There are 365 days in a calendar year
  • 166 days in a school year
  • 199 days not at school for shopping, holidays and appointments.

Good timekeeping is important too:

5 minutes late per day = 2.5 school days lost per year

15 minutes late per day = 7.5 school days lost per year – week and a half of school

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