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The Transition Years attended a virtual Road Safety Authority presentation on Tuesday 23rd of February.

On Tuesday the 23rd of February, the Transition Years attended a virtual Road Safety Authority presentation.

To make the programme more enjoyable, each TY class had the meeting at separate times during the day. Naomh Éanna students went first, then Naomh Ailbhe, Naomh Peadar and then finally Naomh Pól. The virtual presentation was hosted by Fiona Kavanagh who works with the RSA.

The TYs learned about the dangers of driving while drunk or while on drugs. They learned about the repercussions of being caught driving under the influence such as getting a criminal record, losing your license and losing your job. They watched an advertisement made by the RSA that told the story of Gillian and Ronan Treacy who lost their four year old son because of a drunk driver.It was truly heart-breaking to hear the mother and father talk about the collision and it helped the TYs understand the importance of driving safely.

Fiona also taught the TYs why it is essential to wear a seatbelt properly and why you should never look at your phone while driving. She showed the TYs more videos that were really effective at outlining the risks you take when you text and drive or do not wear your seatbelt.

It is important for students to learn road safety so that they understand how to keep themselves and others safe and Fiona helped to make the experience very entertaining and interactive. Overall, the programme was very informative and enjoyable. We hope the TYs learned a lot from it.

A huge thank you to Mrs Glascott for organising this event for the TYs!

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