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Wellbeing Week!

Our school participated in North Tipperary Mental Health/Wellbeing week.
Wellbeing Week!

This week our school is participating in North Tipperary Mental Health Week. Earlier in the week, our school Wellbeing team representatives, Grace Cussen, Eilís Ryan and Caoimhe McGrath (TY) highlighted some Wellbeing initiatives which will be happening during the week and also throughout the year. With the aim of focusing on the elements of wellbeing: awareness, respect, activity, connections, resilience and responsibility, the Wellbeing team hope to ensure the wellness of the Presentation Thurles family each day.

As part of National Grandparents Day, 6th October, our Wellbeing team provided each First Year student with two nametags, upon which they could write the names of their beloved grandparents. They were then asked to share a positive/amusing story or memory they have with their grandparents, enunciating their love and appreciation for them. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all First Years and those involved!

On Tuesday 6th October, the school also hosted a wellness morning for all Fifth Years. Included in this wellness morning were several workshops on coping with anxiety, meditation, mindfulness, study skills and an open forum to voice any concerns the students have or that may be burdening them. They were asked to bring in a cosy blanket and, of course, the Fifth Years really appreciated and enjoyed their morning.

There is a writing competition for Third and Second Years in coherence with North Tipperary Mental Health/Wellbeing week. Students must write a short story or poem (300 words), fiction or non-fiction, describing a positive experience in their life, tying in cleverly with Wellbeing week. We hope to see some great literature at the end of this competition on Friday, and perhaps some great prizes too! As well as this, all senior students were asked to write a letter to their future self, describing their experience over COVID-19 lock-down, their goals for school, things that hold value to them (such as family, friends and positivity) and what they hope to achieve in the coming year, etc.

In addition to the many activities mentioned above, the Wellbeing team have also promoted many other local events such as an orienteering day in St. Patrick’s College, a Wellness day in aid of Tipperary Knights basketball club and more. The team will meet weekly with staff, parents, management and students, brainstorming new ideas and keeping the Wellbeing of Presentation Secondary School Thurles at its high standard.

“…Wellbeing is a journey. The secret is committing to that journey and taking those first steps with hope and belief in yourself.”

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Our Wellbeing team

Article by: Julie Butler (TY)

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